Groveland's interesting past...

The rich history of our neighborhood known as GROVELAND, had its beginning in 1902.  This twelve acre parcel of land on the shores of Lake Minnetonka’s Wayzata Bay was originally owned by Mr. Samuel Bartow, a farmer who was deeded the property from the U.S. Government in 1857.  In 1902, articles of incorporation record this land to the Methodist Young People’s Lakeside Assembly Association (MYPLAA) with a real estate valuation of $15,000.  In July of 1904, the Bartow heirs sold the property to Mr. Charles Ellis.  That same month, Mr. Ellis officially deeded the property to MYPLAA. From 1902-1941, MYPLAA offered 70 lots for cottages and tents and a main assembly hall. There was drinking water available only from a lakefront hand pump and lake water was piped into each each cottage for household needs.  Refrigeration was possible with the delivery of ice blocks for the iceboxes in each cottage.  Nearby farmers sold fruits and vegetables satisfying residents with fresh produce. Members of the Methodist Church could rent cottages or tent lots for short periods or for the entire summer.  A caretaker helped maintain the neighborhood, made repairs and volunteers assisted. There was no swimming on Sundays, no alcohol allowed on the premises and residents were requested to attend Sunday Church services. Only a few of the cottages were heated with wood-burning stoves which served well as protection from the cold but, as the community was to learn on three separate occasions, these heating sources proved tragic. On October 15, 1919, a fire started in one of the lakefront cottages and spread along the north end of the grounds destroying 21 homes and the Assembly Hall.  Muddy roads made it impossible for firefighters to arrive in time with the nearest fire department in Wayzata and backup from Minneapolis. Many of the cottages and the Assembly Hall were rebuilt in 1920. Methodist Young People’s Lakeside Assembly Association existed until 1941 when options to lease the land for home ownership began.  At the time, leases were offered those of the Methodist Church only.  In the fall of 1941, one family dug a well that eventually served as an additional source of drinking water for many cottages.  At its maximum occupancy, there were a total of 68 homes in the neighborhood.   Currently, Groveland Homeowners Association (GHA) is home to 42 residences.  In 1953, leases were made available to Protestants outside the Methodist faith, and in 1982, lease purchases were no longer restricted to church members only. In 1984, residents were allowed to make an outright purchase of their home’s parcel of land.  To this day, the majority of Groveland residents are active in their respective churches and attend summer church on Sundays at the lakefront in the Assembly Hall. As in its beginning, Groveland is supported by a high level of volunteerism.  A variety of talents among the residents manifests itself in a community newsletter, group clean-up days, painting, repairing, swimming beach and boat dock upkeep, street light maintenance, flag raising, church services and socials, to name only a few.
What began as a summer retreat has transformed into a fellowship of neighbors who together cherish the open green spaces, the beautiful lake and one another.


GROVELAND..."Our community on the the shores of Lake Minnetonka since 1902"

17700 Front Street

Woodland, MN 55391